Welcome to the Riders Depot Community

If you're like me you have owned different bikes over your lifetime and love to ride. We've amassed bookmarks of our favourite websites, message forums, google maps, gps routes and waypoints etc. My mission and the purpose of Riders Depot is to give us all a place to post and share our information and files among ourselves, plus promote our favourite websites.

We've also met many great people and formed friendships with other riders that we would like to keep contact with, you can do that here.

It doesn't matter what brand of bike you own. You decide what you want to share whether it's completely public, private, for logged in users only or for just your friends.

You can enter a description of everything you post making it extremely easy for site visitors and members to find what you've posted.

It's like the cloud, everything is available for you from anywhere you have Internet access. If you're on a road trip access your files and add to your content.

The biker brotherhood I believe has always been about sharing. Post events, rides, best roads, best places to eat and stay, whatever you want to share.


Store & Post

Store and post the files, links and photos, whatever you want.


Share what you want with whom you want or keep it private.

Connect & Stay Connected

Make new friends and stay connected with existing friends regardless of which forum they are on or club they belong to.

What Riders Depot is Not

Riders Depot is not to replace the dedicated forum for your brand of bike. It is not to replace the web site or forum for your riding club.

Accessing the Riders Depot Community website and registration is free

  • Bookmarks - Post links with descriptions to the best sites.
  • Groups - Join or create a group for your area or interest
  • Files - Upload gps files to have them available or to share.
  • Photos - Post your photos you wish to share.
  • Blogs - Share the stories and logs of your trips or of roads discovered including pictures and youtube videos.

Don't give up your privacy. We are not a big internet company interested in your personal habbits or what your interested in. None of your information is shared. If you post something, you decide whom you want to share or not share it with.

The only information we require is a user id, email address and password. Your email address will never be sold or shared with a third party

No advertising. This also comes under privacy. There is no advertising anywhere on the site. There aren't any ads appearing based on what you have searched on the Interent and no third party ads.

The Riders Depot Community is what you like about social media websites and leaves out what you don't like.